Civilisations come and go, nothing stays the same.
With enough evidence, a society that fails to make use of its present to design the furure, history awaits such in the ruinous of terms by posterity.

A former president once said that the conspiracy foster against the majority of this world by the few ruling elites is so monstrous that one could not even comprehend It, mainly due to its complexity and the amount of time spent in it’s planning by the deep, evil thinking architects notured from the creme la creme ivory towers of learning world wide. Sadly, with resources gotten through labourers’ sweat.

And yet, the poor multitudes going about their regular way of lives are unaware of the crafts against them.

The whole conviction in not too distance a future is to subjugate all others in all forms into a cattle like herds.


The sons and daughters of Oduduwa have really come of age in all human endeavour to inform the world what they have and ready to give, given the chance and circumstances. (Alas, no one has ever been given that luxury call chance under any circumstance). Rather, you unite to plan and fight for it.
Yorubas have, in antiquity, demonstrated, through their sciences, religion, arts, administrative pattern, millitary adventures, and culture that they matter, as they have conquered and been conquered themselves.
Like every normal civilisation, one may say. If it is paradise, the Yorubas have had their own share. Hell too is no stranger.
As a matter of fact, it is hellish in Yorubaland these days having been caught in the Nigerian contraption and the intrigue brewing since the British officially married unwilling peoples together in 1914.

There isn’t a need for Ouija board or a soothsayer to tell one how precarious the world is currently and in the foreseeable future.

Morals and decency have tumbled down while weak nations get eaten by the stronger ones with deceit and cunning.

Men has lost their faith. We are now feeding upon all flesh all over the earth.

The industrialised countries through careful and forward looking planning have decided that the destiny of the whole continent of Africa should to be that of supplier of resources and markets for finish goods thus putting the citizens in perpetual penury and chaotic mis-governess.

The strong ones from the western world and Asia must make sure Africans serve as their meal every now and then; no thanks to the local collaborators put in place since the flag independence.

in addition, a new end had just been unveiled through the current global Covid19 pandemic (some call it media hoax).
The nucleus of the agenda is depopulation of the world targeting Africa among others.


As for us in our own world, inhabiting the South Western part of Nigeria, there is never a time to define our world view and foster it upon the world.

Obviously, it is we against the world.

Immediately after the civil war, the United States came up with the Monroe Doctrine and “the Manifest Destiny” was born.

With this official state direction, the whole of Americas, North or South came under the possession and control of Uncle Sam. It extended as far to Africa if we remember the creation of Liberia whose capital was named after the then President Monroe circa 1840s.

When opportunity came knocking during the second world war, Europe and Asia, all the international trading routes including the oceans have their fate sealed. They too were co-opted in to the trophies of the American Empire.

The different European powers had to divide the crumbs remaining among each other.
The French direction is well known in Africa while Commonwealth of Nations confirmed the British survival tactic.
Russia took an ideological path different from the west to polarize the world.
Not to be left out, the emerging Asians too bid their time to brew a home grown direction of survival.

All these came to form the popular New World Order to envelope Africa in general including the Yorubas in a web of servitude.

It had been a pitiful and shameful situation participating as an errand boy, hewer of woods and fetchers of water by the royal sons and daughters of Oodua since then in the international political-economic arrangement.


The above is definitely not the destiny path we chose when Late Pa Awolowo and his team came calling in Western Region in the 50s with daring programme of knowledge acquisition and industrialisation for Yoruba people.

Survival has made it mandatory for us to jettison the weakness that divide us and harness our strenght.

The agelong cloak of the local colonial agent, the Fulanis, is no more. Their deceit, intrigues and cunning manner of usurping both political power and economic resources since pre-independence up to date has become a common knowledge even to children in Nigeria.

The Fulanis promised to be ruthless, vicious and show no mercy and they delivered. It does not matter what you see or feel.
“We do not need to have moral justification for our actions”, they said, and they equally delivered on that too.

God forbid by 2022, according to the recent expose by Melafiah Obadiah, the final confrontation will take place violently, right in our eyes at our homes.
We may seize to be on the face of the earth, if the wishes of our adversaries are granted by their gods.
Or if we still maintain the same ostrich type of attitude and ill-organise manner, the consequence is predictably out in the open.

Pitifully, the house of Yorubas is yet to have her own integrated world-view crystallized.

A view (policy and action map) to liberate us and turn the table from being an oppressed to the liberated is urgently needed.

Our survival and dignity is at stake.

The South West expended more fortune upon independence than the rest in Africa to seek and acquire knowledge and education.

An extensive foundation of Education-Industrial Complex was laid by the administration of Action Group.

That foundation took from all corners of the world tested lessons we needed to lay the foundation stone of a mordern society . It came with the needed drive and commitment by the elite leadership. They delivered on their promises.

The phenomenal results were felt and appreciated all over the civilised world as a shiny example of what Africans can do if left alone.

That short governing years confirmed the Yoruba people of what history said about them all along : sophisticated people with capacity for self governing.

Unfortunately, it was short lived. Our enemies took some members of the Oduduwa family to work against their home front by absorbing them into the illegal federal structure by 1966.

All the industries and institutions created by the then Western region government eroded like a floating object on a fast moving water.


On the lighter side, our problem promise to be our solution. It was unity that was taken from us and only unity can get us back on track.

As for technical plans and road maps, that abounds everywhere in the archives. But for the minor fact that a given Yoruba man is independent minded makes harvesting our qualities a bit complex which our enemies are uses against us.

Thank goodness, appreciable progress is ongoing to mitigate this weakness.
For without “ISOKAN” the only achievement will be “ARIWO OJA”, market noise in place of organise action pack resistance.

Once, the unity forum comes with a package to take us into that world is in place, our engagement with that world will ferment us deeper.

That doctrine, like the rest in the world before us will shape our industrial, economic, diplomatic, knowledge and alliance direction.

Every body and everything will cease to matter safe for those that we deem important for our own survival.

Just like the rest of the world.


A Yoruba adage says “MIOLE WAKU, KI JOGUN ILE BABA E”. 

Most decorations earned by millitary officers in battle, according to Douglas MacArthur, is through orders you did not follow. He meant to say one do not play by the rule book and get call to the elite tables.

One does not break any yoke with the script from the enemies . The world according to the Yorubas must be enforced upon that world; just as others enforced theirs on us through plunder, millitary confrontations, deceit, espionage, bribery with juicy positions in the corporate world and other means.
No other way.

The only ingredient is unity.

The human resource needed to carry on that patriotic task is aplenty among Yorubas home and abroad.
For once, since the end of Kiriji war, the lost love is here (in infancy though).

Still going through administrative perfection and rooting, the Yoruba World Congress is growing with manure of necessity in the face of looming invasion by the Fula tribe led coalition of oppressors.

Others such as Afenifere, Yoruba Summit Group are visible too.

Fortune only smile on the prepared.
Warriors do not play war games in real battles. Gone are the precious time of planning and preparing.

A visit to most South West major cities and rural areas will reveal the readiness of the occupation forces from all of Africa and Middle Eastern regions in our midst.

If our civilisation handed to us by our ancestors will not be annihilated right in front of us and our children, then we need to come with a Yoruba World Order; stamp it on an unwilling and unwelcoming world until we secure our place among that world exactly, as it was foster against us.

It is our sacred duty and right.

And maybe our fear may have been overrated after all.

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