Tinubu’s 2023 presidency

By accepting Tinubu’s 2023 presidency, Willy Nilly, I suppose and Rolling back The Matter of our Yorùbá cause, forgetting about the clear and present danger of the Existencial Threats that are clear to the Optics if per chance such is missed by way of application of Intellection…!?


What exactly is this so called “Yorùbá Unity”, that is given a mention as if most of the Leaders are not UNITED in the True sense of what is Right for us Yorùbá at this moment!!??

Who and who are Not United on This Platform and even on other platforms of related interests!??

Who or what is the Din and Noise about the otiose Yoruba “disunity”, serving!??

Enough, please…!

For those to whom it may serve to see a “disunity”, only because the entity that calls himself Bola Ahmed Tinubu, serves another purpose, another interest, another quest, quite different from The Collective Yorùbá Greater Interest — Ewúrẹ́ kò sọ pé òun kì í ṣe ọmọ ìyá àgùntàn, àgùntàn ló ní ìyá òun kò bí dúdú!

Are we the one to go to him, or is he the one to come to us!??

The job of those either propelled by the usual Bourdillon traction or by a rare self imposed advocacy to forge a unity to include Tinubu, should start from him and not from insulting the sensibilities of those who are truly working for the emancipation of the Yoruba from the Stifling, diminishing, straggling, Strangling, Unequal iniquity, Unprecedented Inequit…..Is it to a situation to which We, The Yorùbá, can’t Breathe, that the one who has appropriated all our Commonwealth to himself, stolen the treasury of Lagos dry, appropriated and coveted all our breath to himself, will now be the one to which the Yorùbá will now begin to defer to, genuflect to and turn him to our go-to person at this stage of our struggle!??

Kìí burú burú kí bàbà ní ó d’ọwọ́ òun lọ́run!!…. Kí Ọlọ́run má jẹ̀ ká ri

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